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Who is clearview?

About Our Company

LOCALS CARS is currently the most active transportation firm in the area of Finchley, which deals with the customer 24/7 to deliver the best and most relaxing kingsway taxi service to the people of Finchley. Our operatives have extensive information about the routes and the traffic in the area so they can easily transport the customer without any time delay. All of our drivers and dispatch are experienced experts who will never let the customer down. We have a bunch of Professional Telephonists that communicate with the customer most gently and help the customer with his booking. You can make a call any time without hesitation we have the best operatives that deal with different sections like accounting, dispatching, and driving with professionalism. We have the access to deliver all the information of the trip on accepting the booking.

LOCALS CARS possesses a large variety of vehicles that are ready to take you to your desired destination within minutes. We have many cars in the quantity of 100+ that are climate-friendly and modern. We possess cars like Mercedes, Saloon cars, Estate Cars, MPVs, and Special Cars including Jaguar and BMWs. We have also cars that are mainly for group journeys like Picnics, Student Educational Trips and Offices tours. Kingsway Cars are well settled for every kind of occasion i.e. parties and wedding transfers. LOCALS CARS is known for having clean cars for every occasion. We have drivers that have licenses and are well-trained. Our drivers are non-smokers and keep that their selves Clean and Fresh to have attentive service in the area. We have a service that is child-affiliated like we provide them the Baby seat on the journey if the customer is having a child of age up to 5 years with no charge.

LOCALS CARS has the best Booking platform to complete your booking within seconds. Our systems can save all the details of your previous journeys. The system also shows the availability of the driver in the area and the driver's position simultaneously. Our System needs the simplest information about the journey and delivers the best transportation service. We take care of the flight arrivals and departures so that the driver can be placed at the accurate time. We have a card payment system for the customers where they can pay for the ride easily and relaxed. We have developed all kinds of communication systems so that the customer can book the Kingsway Cabs within seconds . We have a landline communication system with clear sound and operated by a well-trained telephonist. Also, we have developed an online Website which you can visit anytime. For cellular users we have an integrated application that is available on the Apple store & Google Play store for Android and iPhone users.